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A dietary supplement for your health and silhouette...

DETOXLIM is food supplement for weight-loss, slimming, reshaping and detox purposes. Manufactured in France by “LABORATOIRE LES 3 CHENES”, it is the culmination of latest technological advances which enabled the unique combination of 6 rigorously selected plants extracts with other active ingredients such as caffeine, vitamin C, and L-Carnitine, resulting into one of the most effective dietetic supplement through its powerful thermogenic and fat burning actions combined to the drainage and detoxification of the body. With no side-effects, it provides the ideal alternative remedy to harmful surgeries, diets and medicaments which may put the health at risk.

It is enhanced with a pleasant Mojito flavour, ensuring its easy swallowing.

DETOXLIM Weight Loss has witnessed an unprecedented growth during the past years, not only due to a steady visibility online and in pharmacies but essentially due to its customers’ satisfaction and consequent recurring word of mouth as per its ease of use, taste and efficiency. Its reputation as one of the leading weight-loss product is no more to be done. Nowadays, it is general knowledge that DETOXLIM Weight Loss is synonym of trust and compliance with expected outcome, hence the perfect affordable and dietetic tool with prolonged actions and effects for result-oriented buyers.

The product provides for a daily dose of 20ml during 25 days. It is worth noting that each daily dose include 15,860mg active ingredients, one of the highest on the market.

Its optimal combination of active ingredients as well as the significant dosage of same, make DETOXLIM Weight Loss the impeccable companion to achieve your objectives.

DETOXLIM Weight Loss has been tested and approved by the Ministry of Health, Ukraine:
Report of the Scientific Center 'Academy L.I. Medvedya for preventive toxicology and food and chemical safety, Ministry of Health of Ukraine:
No. 3/8-А-6248-63657Е dated 23.12.2016.